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Poultec trains over 3000 staff each year including 600 – 700 apprenticeships. Whilst much of their training provision has been traditionally centred around the meat industry Poultec offer skills solutions across many disciplines and has substantial links with the hospitality and tourism sector.

Butchery skills are taught at Poultec’s impressive training base in Mattishall, which also provides conference facilities. However most training is undertaken in the workplace. Hospitality and Catering Apprentices also visit South Green Park to take advantage of courses in the new Masterchef studio.

As part of their apprenticeship drive Poultec has Skills and IAG vehicle which parks up outside the Forum in Norwich City Centre on one Friday every month. Neale McArdle, Training Director for Poultec estimates that an average of 7-8 young people join an apprenticeship every month as a result of this marketing operation. With additional funds the take-up of apprenticeships by young people could increase further.