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Report Segment: Multi-skilling

A continual challenge for the farming industry is the availability of multiskilled agricultural engineers. Engineers are in short supply across several sectors and farming is often the sector of last resort for qualified engineers from a different industry background. This suggests that there is a case for running courses specifically for multi-skilling engineers for the agricultural sector. If this could be combined with the needs of the food and drink sector (see e.g. Copella below), it may be possible to achieve viable numbers for course delivery.

This point is reinforced throughout the report several times:

“Our engineering skilled workers shortage cannot be addressed through apprenticeships. We need qualified engineers now”. (Large Food Processor – Norfolk)

“There is a real lack of multiskilled engineers and this is something other food and drink processing companies are also looking for.”

“Getting multi-skilled engineers is a continuing challenge for this company (anon). Older unemployed engineers who retrained to become more multiskilled would easily gain employment. The ideal profile for these vacancies is an older engineer who has retrained to provide engineering support across a range of functions.”