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Hospitality and Tourism Introduction

Report Segment: Tourism Introduction

Tourism is a crucial industry for Norfolk and Suffolk, employing more than 74,000 people and worth an estimated £4.9bn. The sector has been prioritised by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership as one with significant growth potential. New Anglia LEP is working to develop a coherent marketing strategy for tourism in Norfolk and Suffolk which will help stimulate more customers and help create more jobs in the sector. At the same time it is looking to drive up skills levels to boost the competitiveness of individual businesses and improve the quality of customer experience.

Norfolk and Suffolk are significant UK tourism destinations providing one of the broadest and most dispersed tourism and hospitality offers in England. Here, tourism is not confined to the coast or the city. It includes, but is not defined by its traditional seaside resorts or its distinctive coastal walks. The two counties boast quaint market towns and villages which share a rural landscape that is marked for its beauty and diversity. Its network of rivers have long provided a focus for tourism holidays. Norwich and in different ways, Ipswich, offer visitors a rich urban heritage experience and an opportunity to explore beautiful countryside close by.

East Anglia, a term which in recent times lost out to the larger “East of England”, is nevertheless a popular brand name and only needs the strap-line “exploring Norfolk and Suffolk” to qualify its tourism geography. This report however, is not primarily about marketing, although the way businesses can work together, and the importance of looking at both destinations and individual businesses means that marketing considerations are never far from the surface.