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Report Segment: Potters Leisure Resort

Potters Leisure Resort Potters is a privately owned coastal resort on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk. Founded in 1920 by Brian Potter’s grandfather and kept in the family ever since. Brian’s son is now the Managing Director, while Brian acts as Chairman.

The site stretches across 65 acres. It can accommodate 700 guests at any one time.

Staff retention is good with staff turnover now at just 26%, down from 60% a decade ago.

There are 475 staff across 20 Departments.

Potters have a staff to guest ratio of 1 : 1½

In-house training is consistently and continuously implemented across all departments. The company has a set of “behavioural standards” which all are expected to meet.

Potters prides itself on customer service, which Brian Potter says, “drives consistency”. Annual award ceremonies reinforce the staff quality ethos pervading the company.

Brian Potter Brian Potter has long supported the British Hospitality Association (BHA) and the Tourism Alliance who state that the present level of VAT in the UK is one of the most pressing issues facing the industry today making UK tourism uncompetitive at 20%. Most European competitor countries impose a lower level on accommodation and attractions - France at 5.5% , Germany at 7%, Spain at 8% and Ireland very recently reduced from 13.% to 9%. The uneven playing field affects UK tourism profits, and therefore has a direct impact on investments and quality. This is compounded by the loss of capital allowances which used to be set an 4% a year and have now been scrapped altogether (a legacy of the last labour government).