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Tourism Businesses - Co-dependence

Report Segment: Co-Dependence

Co-dependence is a key distinguishing feature of the tourism sector. Whereas other sectors take account of logistics; supply chains, and competition, tourism businesses will generally be much more attuned to the local environment, whatís on offer and how a touristís overall experience is likely to unfold.

Southwold Pier is a good example of co-dependence even though the attraction has a broad range of income streams from retail to catering. Stephen Bournes understands the importance of the local setting and the need for the whole Southwold experience to match up to visitor expectations.

Most destinations then are not businesses themselves and even fewer have such control over their local environment that Potters enjoy. The Flying Kiwi Inns hotel group in north Norfolk for example may be a direct destination for some tourists but unlike Potters, their offer is not all encompassing. So there is much more of a co-dependence on other businesses, facilities and natural attractions (e.g. beach walks).