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Tourism Businesses - Background

Report Segment: Background

Businesses from the sector have been involved in all sorts of development initiatives over the past decade. These include accommodation improvement schemes (e.g. Objective 5b and RDP programmes); green initiatives (e.g. The Green Audit Kit); productivity programmes (e.g. Profit Through Productivity); good hospitality employer practice schemes (e.g. Excellence Through People); Customer care courses (e.g. EET’s Welcome to Excellence suite); a range of subsidised initiatives to support tourism skills development (e.g. Train to Gain); various legislation driven schemes including: food safety programmes (e.g the Food Standards Agency’s “Safer Food Better Business”); and Disability Discrimination Act awareness days; SME independent training through the two sequential programmes, “Towards 2010 and Beyond 2010”, and several initiatives that have resulted in tourism businesses being able to participate in book on line schemes (around 200 tourism businesses in the East of England currently participate in EET’s book-on-line system – Norfolk businesses representation is particularly strong, but overall the take up is patchy).