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West Norfolk Ambassadors

West Norfolk Ambassadors Scheme was set up in 2004, with the aim of creating tourism community champions knowledgeable local people who can talk about the local area and have an understanding of the tenets of customer care. The course provides delegates with local knowledge and customer care training and is free for anyone who wants to attend. Since its inception around 700 delegates have been through the training. Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council usually runs 6 half day courses per year with between 18 to 20 people each time.

Norwich Ambassadors

Norwich Heart has spearheaded an ambassadors scheme in Norwich to raise awareness of heritage and culture in the city. The initiative is part of the Shaping 24 Interreg cross border project and since it was launched a year ago, six 3 hour sessions have been run with more than 100 attendees so far, from a diverse range of backgrounds including hotels, local authority staff and taxi drivers.