Skills Dashboard


Advanced Manufacturing


Report Segment: Recommendations

  1. Explore the possibility of employers forming new Group Training Associations (GTAs), similar to the Warren/Milltech example, to further their workforce skills needs.
  2. Identify the extent to which pipe fitting is a skills gap in the county.
  3. Based on the above, look into possibilities for pipe fitting courses in Norfolk, including apprenticeships (e.g. C&G 2800 or 2456).
  4. Explore ways in which Hethel Engineering Centre (HEC) can become a genuine sector hub for engineering and manufacturing skills in the county.
  5. Investigate ways in which UEA could become more involved in Hethel Engineering Centre, even entertaining the idea of a UEA HEC Chair for Engineering.
  6. Work with CCN’s new University Technical College to ensure that HEC is closely involved in its unfolding.
  7. Develop a portfolio prospectus for engineering skills in the county – focusing on the specialist facilities available in each of the colleges; at EAGIT; and at Hethel Engineering Centre.
  8. Develop a framework for engaging businesses in skills development; possibly through awareness raising peer to peer workshops (sharing best practice in upskilling); celebratory events – (rewarding business achievements in training); and ongoing dialogue on skills issues (perhaps through a GTA online forum).
  9. Explore ways to develop multi-skilled engineers – possibly focusing on those unemployed engineers in the county who need additional training to regain employment.