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Policy Context

Report Segment: Policy Context

The Lambert Review of 2003 encouraged greater collaboration between businesses and universities in order to raise levels of successful innovation in the UK. Paraphrasing Lambert, Livesey et al concluded that “British business purchases rather than innovates..” (IfM A Pilot Study on the Emergence of University level innovation policy in the UK Livesey et al. 2008 page 29), a reference to the lack of organic growth in British business and the preference for growth through acquisition.

The Technology Strategy Board provides an important policy implementation dimension and survives the change in government last year. Set up in 2003 following a recommendation in The Innovation Report, the TSB provides a policy framework for technology businesses, and a range of ‘challenge’ funds, often encouraging SME and HE collaboration.

A further policy context, particularly relevant to manufacturing is the New Industry New Jobs report (2009), which sets out Britain’s “fundamental strengths” in new technologies and emerging industries. The report emphasises the need for ‘world class’ knowledge and skills to retain or gain a comparative advantage.