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Report Segment: Apprenticeships

Strategic People’s report (commissioned by Kings Lynn and West Norfolk) looked at the skills needs in production and maintenance engineering in West Norfolk (August 2008) and concluded that apprenticeships were the most cost effective way forward. Although the research was focused on large manufacturing companies – the findings – about the benefits of apprenticeships can still be applicable to smaller companies.

The CFE Employers Project report(February 2008), focusing on Great Yarmouth, looked at skills vacancy solutions across several sectors (including manufacturing). Both of these reports suggest an organic solution to skills shortages – developing the capacity of people in the community to fill vacancies (apprenticeship or otherwise) in local companies. So what kind of apprenticeships will be useful for the future?

ECITB suggest that the Advanced / Modern Apprenticeship in Engineering Construction “is recognised as the best proposition for new entrants to the industry to achieve craft skills and/or technician status both on and offshore. Many of today’s supervisors, managers, designers, etc previously achieved their own craft / technician competence through this system. The occupations and pathways covered by this framework are listed below:



(ECITB: Advanced / Modern Apprenticeship in ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION For use in England and Wales Page 9)