Trainagain - Skills Analysis

This website brings together two years of research undertaken as part of an ESF Technical Assistance project called Norfolk Skills Economy. It’s been about trying to get underneath the rhetoric and the statistics to see what is really going on. The word “skills” means different things to different people. To the government it’s often synonymous with qualifications, but for businesses skills are usually thought about in terms of what they bring to the workplace and are independent of a piece of paper with a pass rate. For colleges and other training providers skills are the measurement for which they get paid, and if the payment comes from the government (most main stream youth training is paid for by the government) then skills are usually synonymous with qualifications.

So it’s easy to get confused about what we’re talking about!

In this website, we’ve broken down the reports which have been written for various sectors of the local Norfolk economy into bite size chunks. Hopefully this will encourage more employers to take a look at what’s been written. We’d be delighted to hear your views – and there are various ways to get in touch and express your opinions – take a look at the Employers page to find out more.

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